Thursday, July 25, 2013

Taking Inventory

This is the book that contains my inventory records for my shop space. If it doesn't look very professional, it's because I am now mostly mixing business with pleasure. Besides vintage items to sell, I'm always finding other little treasures that I have to find an excuse to own. This booklet came in a pack of three assorted for a very small price. (Sorry, can't remember where! Target???)

I like both to use what's at hand for a practical purpose, and also for whatever is visible all the time to look good! In this case, my shop "stuff" is often in plain sight and left for days while I'm "working." I often use this gravy pitcher to catch things like pens and tags, for instance.

This looks way better than usual, but maybe you get my point. . . .

An orphaned transferware lid makes a good paperweight.

The little note you see tucked in here is from a pad of note paper I found at Anthropologie during the holidays. I gave them as gifts and kept one for me.

Later they were on clearance at half price, so I got more. Just as easy to make a fantastic looking list or "post it note" as a dull one, I say!

And here's a sneak peek at an upcoming post on the main blog. . . .

I'll keep you "posted"! One way or another!

So glad you stopped by!
Happy Weekend everyone!



Olive said...

You are organized in a beautiful fashion. I have all my booth items in a large basket under the bar or the cat would throw them on the floor.

Un fiore di Crilà said...

Dear Jacqueline, I love your inventory book, there is so lovely!
Baci Cristina

Bella said...

Hi J,
Great repurposing! I love the way you find such useful ways to show off all those pretty dishes! Not to mention great little this and that's, the notebook, too cute! Perfectly dried white roses, looking forward to your next post!
Happy Friday:-)

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness...I haven't been here in so long! Your blog is just as beautiful as ever! LOVE your photos!
Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Pat Cantwell said...

You, dear friend, do everything with such "style"!
Love your organization skills!!!
I was coming over to catch a glimpse of your booth. . .virtually, that is!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

lynn said...

love the cute notepad and the gorgeous roses in the tin! happy weekend, jacqueline!

Haworth said...

I am absolutely in tune with your sense of bringing beauty and style to the everyday things we must do, Jacqueline... it adds a touch of whimsy to the mundane chores we do each day. Your work space is so lovely! My very first piece of transferware as a teenaged girl was a small brown Mason Vista tea cup, so brown transferware always tugs at me. And I love your inventory book and note pads!