Saturday, July 13, 2013

Inspiration From Summers Past

Hello ladies (and gents)! It's been awhile since I posted here, but I wanted to let you know of some of my summer inspirations. This cover is from one of my favorite Victoria Magazine issues from July 1997. That's sixteen years ago!

There are so many gorgeous articles in this particular issue that it's one of my all time favorites. Even though it's been almost a couple of decades, the images still seem fresh. And that's because cottage style is just timeless.

From the "favorite things" page.

I'm not a pinner. I don't pin images and save them in boxes on Pinterest, but I do manage to keep a mental picture of things that inspire me. Sometimes just subconsciously, I suppose.

It wasn't until I perused this issue again that I remembered where my inspiration for my little girls garden party came from. I just wanted to make a pretty table. . . .

I just love these images of netting draped under the trees!

Summer was made for tables like this!

Victoria's image from this same issue.

. . . and my own from a few years ago.

Our garden party last year.

I hope you're having wonderful summer inspirations of your own this weekend!


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SizzleandZoom said...

Your little girls are beautiful. I know for the time being I get both of your posts. It's a treat when they come up together. Double beauty, double inspiration.

Pamela Gordon said...

Wonderful inspiration photos Jacqueline. It's nice that you have carried through with the images you found and made them your own. The garden party 'tent' is so pretty. Your little girls are sweet. Enjoy. Pamela

Lavender Cottage said...

Victoria does inspire beautiful things and elegant tea parties.

erin said...

soooo pretty! i just love the look of mosquito netting!

Bella said...

beautiful! All of summer very best!!

Pat Cantwell said...

Inspirational, indeed!!!
A lovely idea foran Late Spring or Early Summer for the Prairie. . .I, too, must keep a mental visionary for 2014!
Thank you, dear friend!!!

Beeutiful by Design said...

So pretty! I was just explaining to my husband yesterday that the back issues of my Victoria were resource material, not trash, and must be saved. He threw away (by accident hmmmm) 10 years worth of Victorias when we moved years ago. I go back to them each season.

Haworth said...

Do you save all your Victoria issues, too, Jacqueline? I have mine going back to the first issue and I love re-reading them. The images you've posted here are just so lovely, but your own inspired gatherings are so much more beautiful for being populated by real people enjoying the moment and indulging in the beauty of family and finery together.