Saturday, May 25, 2013

Goodbye Blue Transferware

The summer weather has me pulling up more blues from the archives. But I'm also doing a good-bye tribute to my set of Johnson Brothers transferware dishes that I passed on to my son and dil last week.

A big family gathering is a good time to get feedback on such things. The large family dining table also went to another son's family. There was a time when we had enough room to leave the oak trestle table extended to its ten foot length with plenty of room left to work around it in the kitchen. But now I'm looking forward to the search for just the right painted farmhouse table for the dining room.

We're into patio living big time until it gets impossibly hot. I still have the big vintage blue rose tablecloth to spread out for a cool looking soiree!

I hope you're enjoying the long weekend inside or out!


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Sherry Thecharmofhome said...

So gorgeous! I had to tweet it! Just beautiful! Love the starfish.

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh that blue and white is so pretty and cool looking for a hot summer. Alas, even though it's not a holiday weekend here, it's not one fit to be outdoors in for sure. The wind and rain and cold is keeping everyone inside again. I'm about to move to a warmer climate. Do you have a spare room? :-) Enjoy your patio and summer weather Jacqueline. I'm sure we'll have some soon. I'm just getting a bit impatient. Hugs, Pam

Anne said...

What a lovely set and table scape too!Oh I wish we were enjoying the outdoors.It is a cold and cloudy day :-(

Bella said...

Hi J,
Well the summertime blues never looked so good, yummy rose tablecloth!! It must be hard to let go of that big old table, but then again, shopping for a new old table, sooo much fun:-) Happy hunting and happy patio livin' to ya:-)

Botanic Bleu said...

Beautiful bleu transfer ware that you passed on to your son and daughter-in-law.... You can still enjoy it when you are at their house. The best of both worlds...


SizzleandZoom said...

The blue transferware is lovely but the blue and white tablecloth is gorgeous.

Pat Cantwell said...

I adore the fact that you're passing down some of your treasures to your children!!! Oh, how precious those pieces will be to them now and for the days ahead!!!
Lovely soiree, dear friend!!!
Oh, yes..."Mr. Ed" & I have spent more time out~of~doors this Spring than in all the past 11 Springs On Crooked Creek!!!

Sammy Girl said...

It's a blessing when we pass treasures on ... for them AND for us. Enjoy your hunt for the new table and celebrating your generous spirit!

Rose Cantiero said...

Blue and white, was wonderful.

Marlis said...

I know they will cherish that gorgeous china!! It must have been hard to let it go. I understand the enjoy the patio while you can thing. We went from Winter to Summer.. ouch. But sneaking in a few good hours here and there. Happy Spring... xo marlis

Kay said...

Wow! Giving up your 36 year old table and set of china! I remember that table and the chairs that went with it. I have a vague memory of the boys breaking one or damaging it, and your bemoaning that you "couldn't have nice things." Ha ha!! I always thought you always had lovely things!! No little boys to mess with your stuff now! Pretty cool that now they want your nice things! They are mighty lucky!! Thanks for a pleasant stroll down memory lane. Kay

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

We are passing on our dining room set to our son and DIL next week, so I am on the hunt, too! Trying to downsize... I know your kids will love what you've given them!

Haworth said...

Such lovely transferware, Jacqueline, and how nice that it gets passed along to be used and loved. Both my mother and I go through our things, now and then, and pass items along to younger amily members. I love your blue rose tablecloth. And I appreciate your comments in this post about relinquishing things and growing smaller... I'm trying to edit, too, although I"m finding it's not easy for a pack-rat caretaker of the past!?