Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Linen Bouquet

Now that my dining room walls and trim are white, I have a lot more freedom to use color in a way that doesn't overwhelm the small space. A swatch of print fabric is perfect for the purpose. A tablecloth perhaps.  
Chair cushions. Or in this case, a vintage curtain panel slung over the shutters. A pretty homespun cloth decorates the back of my vintage high chair.

I find that I tire easily of strong color in a room, and need to change it up easily when I'm ready. And white lets you take any color path you want for a colorful change of scene.

I love this big rose print, but its burgundy red and deep green is not used anywhere else in the house. Perfect for the lawn or patio when the weather warms up, it will cheer us up here for a bit in the meantime.

I love the contrast against the crisp white towel with the wide lace border.

A hazy day offers a little back lighting for a frilly vignette. Flowers of course, but also a bit of a ruffled and pin-tucked hem. The metal cloche gives another suggestion of life in the garden.  

A little worked bodice of handkerchief linen hanging in the window is as pretty as any flower bouquet!

It all feels like a fresh breath of spring!
I wish the garden would bloom as easily. . . .

So glad you stopped by!


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elizabeth said...

So lovely! I especially like the photo of the sun shining through the fabric of the little nightie.

Mom E. said...

So pretty, girl!
I refinished my antique High chair, oh, 30 years ago now. I had not idea it had about 10 layers of different colored pain that was actually keeping it together! LOL So, my hubby ended up gluing everything together as best he could and it just wasn't enough. so, he made some rockers for it and cut off the legs. we removed the tray, and it became a rocking chair for Daughter*1. Now, it sits on top of my kitchen cabinets, holding a ragedy Ann Doll my sister made for me when i was about 10 along with a few other stuffed animals I loved as a child. Everything above my cabinets is old and belongsed to family. I see your high chair and wish I had kept mine as it was...It was the high chair I sat in as a child, and the chair my mother sat in as a child, and she was born in 1923.
Oh, i talk too much!...(type too much, as well!)
hearts to you, Love your white everything!

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

So soft and fresh! I love your frilly vignette! The fabric offers a soft color backdrop and all the pretty whites look perfect with it! You captured the lighting so well and that little white gown is precious!

Haworth said...

So pretty, Jacqueline! I love the promise of spring in each picture. And the handwork on the towel and dress is so lovely. Wishing you a sunny weekend as Spring settles in.

Cynthia said...

Lovely pictures and that rose fabric has such beautiful colors.


sarita said...

Very pretty. Thank you for sharing

Olive said...

You will understand this sentence. The cabbage rose fabric is compelling me to get up and iron the stack of vintage linens stacked in the corner:-}

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

To Olive:

Oh Yes! Haha! So glad!

On Crooked Creek said...

Exquisite vintage gown!!!
Love how you've captured the sunlight streaming through the window!!
Happy Spring!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

The linens are so lovely and I just adore that high chair! I have been wanting to get one--someday Ill have granchildren :)

Rosemary and Thyme said...

I love your lovely and beautiful vignettes and your photography is just exquisite. The linens are just dreamy..

Sherry said...

Great shot of the embroidery on that vintage dress. Lovely always!!