Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pink & Purple Potpourri Tablescape

I love garden style inside or out. Vintage cast iron garden objects have a wonderful variety and patina that make an interesting statement wherever they are used. This metal frame was indeed once a garden cloche. It still has metal prongs lining the interior supports, and I have entertained the idea of replacing the glass. But I love just using it for display on the table.

But it is my purple campanulas from the grocery store that are the inspiration for my Thursday tablescape. They are what sent me on a search for the few lavender and violet hued china pieces I have stowed away in cupboards.

A few inherited  English tea plates by Royal Grafton in the Golden Heritage pattern suggest the mix of colors of the potpourri of dishes I have gathered together here. I think I have actually stopped picking up orphaned cups and saucers and pretty single plates here and there, but I'm probably just lying to myself! *smile*  A plain white vintage matelasse  coverlet unifies it all underneath, and grey linen napkins from William Sonoma  
keep it all toned down and less formal like a garden theme should be. My impulse was to use my ruffled white napkins, but I found it all a bit too much.

The flower sprays on the china plates even have purple flowers that mimic the purple bell flowers on my table!

My fading Valentine tulips emphasize the pinks I want to add in, and make the red transferware pieces less "red". I also love the lush look of different bunches of flowers displayed on the same table, but find it a little extravagant to do very often. The zinc flower bucket adds to my garden theme.

I don't have a name for the teacups with the strewn flowers, but they bring in all the color variations too!

The transferware pieces are the same Johnson Bros. pattern in both red and lavender. I'd love to have little satiny pink and white petite fours to serve with tea too, but alas! that will have to happen some other time! 

A vintage glass cake stand with a lacy crochet doily elevates the tea plates. I find that I use my cake stands for dishes more often than I ever use them for cakes!

So nice you could join the party!
See y'all next time!


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poppilinnstudios said...

Lovely vignettes, Jaqueline. I just love the colors and feeling of spring. Have a great day.

Haworth said...

Your tablescape is beautiful, Jacqueline! I love the way you combined the colors. It's such a lovely palette and the patterns complement one another perfectly. I know I've said it before but those Campanula are such an exquisite shade. And I do love the tulips. I tend to keep mine until they fade and faint over the sides of their containers like swooning ladies!

Cynthia said...

The tablescape is just beautiful. I love the stacked dishes the pattern is perfect and I love the colors.


Linda Leyble said...

Very lovely! It's a romantic yet lively setting. Love your plates!

I always have a little bit of difficulty photographing table settings. I have several on my blog - but I think my favorites were my Easter table inside and my July 4th table outside.

Yours came out great! beautiful job!


PS - I have Google Account but I have not been able to connect my new blog address to it, so excuse the extra blog link - my new address!

Anonymous said...

I am in heaven after seeing your pictures with the china and flowers. Just what I needed! All so beautiful. I wish other blogs would make their pictures large like you do. And I also wish you could ( when other blogs that have small pictures), that i could just increase their size as I do with yours on my iPad, so I can enjoy every detail. Some blogs you can't without it switching to the previous days post, which is annoying because the pictures are a big part of any blog. I love your blog, it is a big favourite - thanks for all your wonderful posts. Patty, Nanaimo/BC

On Crooked Creek said...

Elegantly displayed in the Tablescape Thursday, dear friend!!!
I looked for the white ruffled napkins, but the grey is a subtle contrast to all the patterns...perfect choice!!! Love that you used the cake stand for the dessert plates, creative use of this piece in elevating the plates and preserving your table top space!
The edging on the tulips is a near match to the deep pink in your china!
So, what time is tea???

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Your pictures are just so beautiful, each and every one of the shots is so well put together, I love the softness of all the linens and the pretty pink and gold accents..

Bella said...

Hi J,
Gorgeous pics and another gorgeous table!! I LOVE the mix of flowers too, it feels like a big ol spring bouquet and I am craving spring and color! Great cloche, I agree, no glass needed, perfect as it is!

Linda said...

I see 2 potted campanulas there!!!
You devil you!!!
Lovely combinations...

Linda :o)

Tammy @ A Walk in the Countryside said...


Jemma said...

Greetings Jacqueline!
I enjoy your blog so much that I have nominated you for the Liebster award! It is an award that recognizes creative bloggers like yourself!
You will find out all the information you need at:


Sherry said...

Beautiful! I love those plates! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!