Friday, February 1, 2013

On Tarting Things Up

I like foodie blogs, don't you? I like pretty cookbooks too, even though the best recipes come from stain marked file cards stuck in a drawer. But an artful cookbook gets me every time, even though I would never try half of the recipes in them. (If any.) I didn't make this pie either. It's just the front man to my newly finished knitting project. 

I thought, "I could just show the thing like a hot dog on a plate, but why not add a little flavor and atmosphere? A little flair?"

I think everyday items should elevate your life. I wanted my potholders to do something more than annoy me, so I made my own. The colors coordinate with my kitchen stuff.

The stripes give it a sophisticated frenchy vibe. But I was really just trying to use up the last of the thrift store yarn! Turns out this stuff, Aunt Lydia's rug yarn, isn't being produced anymore. You can still get some on Etsy and Ebay for ten bucks a skein. . . . I don't want it that bad. . . . (yes I know that's supposed to be "badly". but I'm going for attitude here...)

I'll keep hitting the thrift stores though, and hoping to find more of my colors.

This is Marie Callender's pie. I love her so! It was pictures of your cherry pie that made me have to have her! I learned to cover the messy part up with a towel like this in staging class. . . . (joke)

Hope your week is sweet as pie!
Thanks so much for coming by!


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My Cottage Diary said...

Jacqueline, your potholder is very pretty. Those definitely are your colors! I have a post on dishcloths in my drafts, but I have to finish a few for photos first! I will have to call mine dishcloth/washcloth/potholder because I make them small! We also like Marie Callender. (My brother could just about live off her macaroni & cheese!) Enjoy the pie! Bess

Olive said...

You are too funny, we have seen a half eaten pie before. The pot holders are sweet. Way better than I could do. I can embroider but don't.

Bella said...

Hi J,
Yummy, how did I miss the towel trick in staging class, I musta been yapping:-) Love your new potholder, great color matching too! Happy Weekend:-)

On Crooked Creek said...

What a very talented lady your are!
I adore your new hot pad and the hues are stunning!!!
Sorry about the problems you're having with your blog. I never know which one I suppose to open! Glad I caught your post...always makes my day a bit brighter!!!

Haworth said...

I love the potholder, Jacqueline. Beautiful handiwork. (And that pie looks delicious!) I had to laugh when you spoke of stained recipes. Some of my recipe cards and cookbook pages are so stained, you could throw them in a pot of water and make a soup! (Okay so now I want PIE.)