Monday, January 7, 2013

Knitting Bits

Hello Lovelies! If you're signed up here, you're getting notified of my new posts sooner because they are taking sometimes hours to update on the sidebar from the old archive blog where they are posted.
My brilliant computer guy is squashing some of my bugs over there as we speak! *wink* *wink*
Me? I'm just twiddling my thumbs and knitting a bit (which is wonderful for nervous energy!).
Hope you're stayin' cozy!


On Crooked Creek said...

How sweet!
Knitting is nearly a lost craft!
Love the soft hues!

Haworth said...

That's a lovely garter stitch, Jacqueline. This is my favorite time of year to knit... there's a peacefulness to it without the urgency of wanting to finish things in time for Christmas. Best of luck with the blog(s).

Anne said...

Oh I miss reading your posts.For some reason when I go to visit your other blog I get a warning from McAfee not to proceed.Ask your computer tech about it.I want to visit but I can't.